Table Scanner 2: Profitable Tables Are Just a Click Away!
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Table Scanner 2: Profitable Tables Are Just a Click Away!

Wednesday January 29th, 2014


Fully integrated with HM2, Table Scanner 2 will get you into profitable games with the click of a button.  Forget grinding it out with regulars, use Table Scanner 2 to take the hard work out of spotting profitable tables.

Find Easier Tables – Use HM2’s Auto-rate feature or custom Table Scanner 2 scoring profiles to quickly find exploitable poker players.

Automatically Rate Tables & Players – Using HM2’s Auto-rate feature, Table Scanner 2 will automatically rate Tables & Players getting you into profitable games instantly. 

Avoid Tough Opponents – Set Filters to avoid tables and players that are not profitable.

Avoid Short-Stackers – Use Table Scanner 2's Short-Stacker Alert to avoid tables with short-stackers.

Open & Join Profitable Tables While I Am Playing? - Use Auto-Action to automatically join (x) amount of tables that meet your table or player profiles. 

Still not convinced?  Watch What Table Scanner 2 Can Do!

Visit The Table Scanner 2 Website!

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