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SnowieApp for HM2 - Just Released
SnowieApp integrates your HM2 hand database with PokerSnowie's leading-edge neural networks to provide you with feedback on potential mistakes on specific hands and on potential patterns of mistakes that you are frequently making.

CardRunners coach Matthew Janda has created three outstanding videos over-viewing Snowie APP for HM2 and discussing how to use it most effectively to identify patterns of errors that could help you improve your results.Check out the first video in the series that Matthew created by clicking on the video on the right.

To try out SnowieApp now update to the latest version of HM2 and click on the SnowieApp tab or visit the main SnowieApp page for more information

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Hold'em Manager is an excellent product and an essential requirement for any serious poker player. PokerCalculatorReport

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