NoteCaddy 2.5 Beta Release
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NoteCaddy 2.5 Beta Released

Tuesday July 22nd, 2014


NoteCaddy takes it to the next level again with the Beta release of NoteCaddy 2.5.

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NoteCaddy 2.5 New Features:

Caddy Clock - Currently available on PokerStars and iPoker, Caddy Clock will tell you how long a player took to act vs. how strong or weak their hand was.   

Caddy Clock

Caddy Clock Scatter Graph


New Graphs – NoteCaddy 2.5 introduces a new hand chart heat map to aid in seeing exactly what your opponents are holding when a note is created. 

Hole Card Heat Map


Updated Caddy Scatter – When databases get big, the old Caddy Scatter could have too much data. Now you can apply Caddy Scatter to individual notes. 

New Caddy Scatter


Instant Replay – While NoteCaddy has always allowed replay of hands, now you can see the hand in an easy to read format without stepping through the hand in the HM2 replayer.

NC Instant Replay


Read more about Notecaddy 2.5 HERE

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