Leak Buster Limit Released
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Leak Buster Limit Arrives in the HM App Store

Tuesday January 22nd, 2013


Building on the extremely popular No Limit and Omaha variations of Leak Buster, Ace Poker Solutions releases Leak Buster Limit for holdem. 

HM2 poker software uses many advanced technologies to improve your game and one of the most popular products is the Leak Buster line of HM Apps.  Now you can instantly find over 520 limit holdem poker leaks with a single click of the mouse.

Bryce Paradis of Cardrunners.com fame created all the training videos and written advice for the Limit version of Leak Buster.

Here are a few advantages Leak Buster users have:


Try Leak Buster Limit today and read what others are saying about Leak Buster.

CardRunners Pro Bryce Paradis:
Leak Buster Limit is the best thing since maple syrup!

Josh Potkins (Deuces Cracked Pro): 
Leak Buster poker software is a tremendous value, whether you're a recreational player who wants to get better or an experienced player looking to reach for that extra EV. 

Overall, Leak Buster comes highly recommended and considering the price, seems like a fantastic investment in your poker game.





With respect to the HUD, we believe that Hold'em manager has the best one on the market.

- Learn2Holdem