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NC Pro Tools - Lite


NC Pro Tools - Lite

Notecaddy Pro.Tools Lite: Collection of stats/definitions and pop-ups.
HUDs and pop-ups for 6-9max.

Pro.Tools collection is adapted for gameplay on PokerStars / FTP

http://www.notecaddyprotools.com/pics/HUD_new-badges.png  http://www.notecaddyprotools.com/pics/HUD_PS.png 
6-9max / HUD for PokerStars and FTP

This Package will allow to understanding game of your opponents better. With using extended statistics you can often find a more optimal line for valuebets and more opportunities for bluffs.

Pro.Tools Lite package includes popups made with using of Notecaddy stats and HUDs for 6-9 max tables. Customized convenient popups allow finding quickly demanded information and you will be able to make more often the correct decisions.

For What Notecaddy Pro.Tools Lite?

Package is intended for expansion of your game for exploitation of opponents.
The additional statistics will allow to see better more places where you can use weaknesses of opponents and thanks to what to take additional profit both on a preflop and on a postflop.

For bluff: using high folds on preflop and postflop
For value bets: using lines and that bets when opponents make calls more often

Action on different board textures, stats of gameplay in different position (SB vs BB, BTN vs Blinds…) and many other things will be available to use thanks to the collection Notecaddy Pro.Tools Lite.

Composition of Notecaddy Pro.Tools Lite


Statistics vsHero: 97
Preflop: 66 stats
SRP/Single raised pots: 256 stats
3bet/4bet pots: 140 stats
Positional stats and limp pots BTN/SB/BB: 182 stats
Other statistics: 164 + stats

HUD: 6-9max


HUD and pop-ups for gameplay on PokerStars/FTP

Special HUD and adapted pop-ups for gameplay on PokerStars/FTP.
(HUD is supplemented by the informer for folds to 3bet in 4 game positions.
Only permitted PokerStars statistics are in popups)


Three colors of pop-ups: bright / dark / grey


Badges/Informers: 32+

Badges (informers, icons with leaks of the opponent) are placed in HUD and are intended for simplification of decision-making on a preflop, a postflop and for detection of weak opponents. Quantity of badges in HUD can be changed.

The composition and number of badges in Pro.Tools package is optimal for use, as when a large number of badges in HUD significantly reduce the effectiveness of the functional.

Features of Notecaddy Pro.Tools Lite

HUD for 6-9max
Three color of pop-ups
Badges: more 32+

Mini badges in HUD shows high folds to 3bet in certain positions

http://www.notecaddyprotools.com/packreview/heatmaps_preview.png - Fold to 3bet in position >70%
http://www.notecaddyprotools.com/packreview/heatmaps_preview.png - Fold to 3bet out of position >70%

For gameplay on PokerStars/FTP are made same "mini badges"

Detailed statistics of preflop and postflop gameplay
Showing matrix Preflop Range when you hover on the preflop stats (feature Heat Maps)

Actions of different board textures (Single raise pots and 3bet pots)
Displaying postflop ranges at the bottom of pop-ups (Donk, Raise, X/Raise and others)

Statistics of folds to cbet with different betsizes
Statistics of folds to raise with different betsizes

Stats of gameplay vs Hero (blue stats)
Stats that shows how you play against this opponent, that mean how he see you (red stats (HeroStats))

And others ...

More detailed description of features in Pro.Tools package: Description pdf (ENG)
Description of HUD for Heads-Up: Description pdf (ENG)

List of Pop-ups

SB and BB

BTN vs Blinds

Fold 3bet IP


Caller IP


Blinds vs BTN

Fold 3bet OOP


Caller OOP



SB and BB



Description of usage: Description pdf (ENG)


Group of badges that show number of leaks/exploits on postflop for Preflop raiser (PFR), Caller IP/OOP and for 3bet pots:
  .....           Number of leaks/exploits of preflop raiser in position  (PFR IP)
  .....           Number of leaks/exploits of preflop raiser out of position (PFR OOP)
  .....           Number of leaks/exploits of caller in position (Caller IP)
  .....           Number of leaks/exploits of caller out of position (Caller OOP)

            Badges for 3bet pots

Group of badges for classification of opponents by aggression and a profit on postflop:
         PFR/Preflop raiser: High aggression and High Profit 
         PFR/Preflop raiser: High aggression and Low Profit 
         PFR/Preflop raiser: Low aggression and Low Profit 
         Caller: High Profit
         Caller: Low Profit

             Badges for 3bet pots

Group of badges displaying the preflop and postflop leaks:
          Fold to cold 4бет (Cold 4bet = CO Open / BTN 3bet / BB 4bet)
          Fold to iso-3bet (iso-3bet = EP limp / CO Raise / BTN 3bet)
          Fold to 4bet after Squeeze
          Limp call and check-fold in Flop

          Preflop raiser in position check on Flop and fold to bet on Turn
PFR-IP    Flop: Caller check / PFR Check
Turn: Caller bet / PFR Fold

          Caller IP call Flop and Turn and more often fold to bet 33% of pot on River
stop1          Caller IP call Flop and Turn and more often fold to bet 50% of pot on River
stop3          Caller IP call Flop and Turn and more often fold to bet 75% of pot on River
And others…
List of badges: Description pdf (ENG)

Differences between Pro.Tools and Pro.Tools Lite

HUD / Statistics Pro.Tools Pro.Tools Lite
Number of definitions/ stats 2073 1100
Number of HUDs 4 1
Number of popups 17+8 15
Preflop stats with betsizes (3bet / 4bet) + -
Postflop stats for Hero gameplay against opponents (HeroStats) + -
Stats with Bet and Win for river with different lines
(pink stats)
+ -
Stats for folds on river vs different vs betsizes + -
Stats for Deed stack and MSS gameplay + -
Stats of Hero winning against opponent and related badges + -
Limp pot gameplay + -
HUD and Pop-ups for Heads-Up + -
Advansed stats of WTSD stats (SRP, 3bet pots, deep stack and others) + -


Notecaddy Pro.Tools Lite – all the required stats for the post-flop game, and the new, easy-to-use quality pop-ups.Collection is adapted for use on entry-level computers.


Notecaddy Pro.Tools Lite – is intended for use on beginers and medium stacks. Pop-ups will help you to quickly start to use advanced statistics and also: common statistics on opponents, positional gameplay, a high amount of vsHERO stats, system of stats placement in popups is simple and clear to use at any limit you play.

List of badges: Description pdf(ENG)
Description of usage of pop-ups: Description pdf(ENG) / Русский / Español / Polski / Česká

Exploitation users guide: Preview (ENG) / Preview (RUS)
(* provided with the purchase Pro.Tools Lite for NL50 and NL100)




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