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Simply Powerful Hand Range
& Stat Analysis

Compare Opponent Hand Ranges

Range Wizard allows you to create hand ranges for opponents or groups of opponents with similar tendencies (based on their stats). Grouping players based on similar stat profiles is powerful because the results are more meaningful with larger sample sizes than what is normally available for a single opponent.

Compare Stat Profiles Between Opponent Groups

Review both reports and charts which compare stats between opponents with different tendencies. Find out what the big winners do differently than the small winners. See where your stats deviate from your toughest villain and players with stat profiles similar to that villain. These are just a couple of examples of the limitless possibilities.

Select categories of stats to compare opponent groups' tendencies.

Select individual stats to view further stat comparisons between opponent groups.

Pre-Defined Or Custom Reports

There are several pre-defined Range Wizard reports that you can use immediately. Add to the report library with your own reports that include specific villains, players types, hand filters, and stats selected. You can even download custom reports created by other Range Wizard users!

Powerful Hand Range & Report Configurability

Range Wizard allows you to first define (in ways never before available) the players or groups that you want to compare (Ex: Hero vs. Opponents similar to a particular villain). Then select which stats to compare based on pre-defined stat groupings (3Bet, CBet, PFR, Steal) or from your own customized groupings made by selecting any combination of stats.

Simple, Understandable and Usable Opponent Hand Range and Stat Analysis

If you are not using Range Wizard you are leaving money at the table

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