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Example Situational Note

Situational Notes

NoteCaddy is capable of creating 1000’s of automated “situational notes” about an opponent and their tendencies. But in the middle of a session you don’t have time to read 1000’s of notes! The power of NoteCaddy lies in how it intelligently filters and displays in your HUD only the most actionable situational notes.

The notes tell you exactly what hands the opponent has shown down in the specific situation and also contains a simple chart to visually display them from Weak to Strong.

Example Bet Sizing vs Hand Strength chart

Bet Sizing Tells

Many opponents have a “tell” in their bet-sizing. For example: A particular opponent might make an unusually large bet only when they are bluffing. Without specific feedback on this opponent’s bet-sizing tell, you can’t profit from it!

NoteCaddy Opponent Bet-Sizing Charts that are accessed from your HUD are an amazingly powerful tool for identifying “bet sizing tells” that often indicate how strong or weak the opponent’s hand is.

Opponent badge example

Opponents Badges

As the saying goes... “a single picture is worth a thousand words”. The NoteCaddy equivalent to those accepted words of wisdom is “a single player badge is worth a dozen stats.” NoteCaddy Opponent Badges tag an opponent visually. You can use pre-defined NoteCaddy badges or create your own badges.

As you can see from the examples on the left, NoteCaddy badges are an extremely simple, effective and efficient automated tool for creating a visual narrative about an opponent.

Example hand range chart

Every Second Counts

While lots of information is great but in reality we usually only have 30 seconds to process this information and make a decision, this is something that NoteCaddy addresses.

Now instead of trying to visualize what a range like this might look like: we provide the hand distribution in a grid to make it easier to process the information quickly.

Take the example on the left, instead of having to try and digest this range: {88-99,5-66, A6s-A5s,AQs-AJs,A2s,KTs,KQs,QJs,jJ7s,86s,43s,AQ,KT,KQ,QJ} you can just glance at the holecard chat on the left and get a quick visual range.

Make Better Opponent Specific Decisions

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