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HM2 - New Reports Available

Tuesday August 9, 2011


The Poker Software community sampled HM2 and now we’d like to share a few of the new reports that will help analyze your game even deeper.  Roy recently added a new multi-table stat so you can analyze your game based on how many tables you are playing.  Here you can easily see how many tables you can play before your winrate starts to drop.  This might eventually make it to the Home Tab for a nifty widget.  For now you can add the stat to any report. 

We have quite a few Reports but we’ve added even more!  Tournament players can rejoice at the new Pre-Ante/Post-Ante report along with the new Stack Size report.  The new cash reports can also be used with tournaments.

Cash players get the addition of Races, C-Bet Success, Full Ring Position, Multi-Table and Expected Value By Stakes reports.  Remember, all the cash game reports also work for tournament players.

Check out the HM2 Poker Software Blog for screens and a little analysis of the new reports.


Hold'em Manager is an excellent product and an essential requirement for any serious poker player.

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