HM2 Is In The Store!
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HM2 Is In The Store!

Tuesday November 1, 2011


After over 20,000 man hours of development during the last 18 months, the second generation of the award winning Hold’em Manager poker software has been released: “HM2”.  HM2 is a brand new powerful platform that is built from the ground up and boasts several exclusive new features, faster performance and more integrated HM Apps.

New Features:

HM Apps:

* New for HM2

The team behind HM2 includes the creators of the original Hold’em Manager (Roy Goncalves and Mike Lamb), but this time they had a supporting cast of 8 other outstanding developers that are also poker players!  Some members of the HM2 development team previously created several respected poker software titles of their own.

HM2 was in beta for over 6 months and is being launched with the same commitment to outstanding support and customer service that helped Hold’em Manager establish a new standard in poker software support.






Hold'em Manager should be the only program at this time used by poker players that exclusively play cash tables.

- Bonus Genius