Free Videos From HM2 Coach Alan Jackson
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Free Videos From HM2 Coach Alan Jackson

Saturday February 11th, 2012


Alan Jackson graced us with some of the best poker software videos we’ve ever seen.  He uses HM2’s exclusive features to own regulars at the tables while also providing his students with the same knowledge. 

You’re really missing out if you are not watching these videos!  We’ve embedded his videos below, but watch them full screen in high resolution to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

If you’re interested in making videos like this for the HM2 Coaching Video Widget, email coaches@holdemmanager.com for more details. 

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HM2 Stats Explained


Creating Filters


Stay tuned for more updates! 



Hold'em Manager should be the only program at this time used by poker players that exclusively play cash tables.

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