HM2 Released
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HM2 Released

Saturday December 7th, 2013


HM2 poker software releases build 7957.  This update resolves HUD issues on the Party Poker Pokerfest tables along with multiple updates enhancing the user experience of HM2.

If you haven’t checked out the HM Blog lately, head over to the HM Blog to read new articles about online poker timing tells and understanding the red line in HM2 poker software.


Key updates:
Resolved Issue: Party Poker HUD issue on Party Pokerfest Series Tables
HM-7758 - Resolved Issue: No hud on Zoom CAP tables on Pokerstars
HM-7491 - Resolved issue: Tournament filter by stakes(buy-in)
HM-6189 - Resolved issue: Active Session: Drop-Down list doesn't show previous session unless you restart
HM-7637 - Resolved issue: Boss Poker - various import errors on new hand history format
HM-7647 - Resolved issue: Boss Poker - some went to showdown hands are missing showdown information
HM-7668 - Resolved issue: PokerStars - bounty not shown in winnings if handhistory is imported after tournament summary
HM-7670 - Resolved issue: PokerStars Summaries Not Importing All Results For Players With € Euro Symbol In Name
HM-7690 - Resolved issue: Currency exchange rates no longer updating after recent update to the currency site
HM-7522 - Issue Resolved: Various Boss import issues inlcuding Svenka Spel hh's and tournaments not showing default buyin
HM-7725 - Resolved issue: Restoring Database causes 'Waiting' cursor icon
Leakbuster Omaha and No Limit Update - Note: Next release will have the leakbuster NL update

Other updates:
HM-7467 - Resolved issue: Merge Turbo HU SNG incorrect buyin and winnings
HM-6860 - Resolved issue: Gran Madrid Poker (Ipoker) hands not importing
HM-7540 - Resolved issue: Failure to load HMQL Module popup message
HM-6803 - Resolved issue: DB tuning returns error "Request for principal permission failed"
HM-6935 - Resolved issue: Luck Adjusted Winnings graph X-Axis incorrect when set to days or months
HM-7655 - Resolved issue: When you win a tournament HM2 does not show the final bounty
HM-6048 - Resolved issue: HM2 Tournaments - Not importing some hands with large values for chips and other values
HM-7580 - Resolved issue: Notes position behaviour differs depending on Notecaddy being on/off
HM-7493 - Resolved issue: Stat grid issue - Refresh brings back hidden columns
HM-6816 - Resolved issue: Winamax Play money tables supported by mistake
HM-7753 - Resolved Issue: Cake - Hero reseated in tournament, causing issues in replayer/handviewer
HM-7618 - Issue Resolved: Wrong pot size and stack size when player posts dead blind on party Poker
HM-7202 - Issue Resolved: Problem combining NOT card + suited constraint macro
HM-7734 - improved Table-Size detection for iPoker
HM-4805 - Improved app launcher detection on poker clients


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