HM2 Released
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HM2 Released

Thursday January 17th, 2013


Happy New Year from all of us at Hold’em Manager!

Released on January 16th, HM2 poker software now includes a ram reduction update and a new HM App - Leak Buster Limit for hold’em.  There’s never been a better time to upgrade to HM2.   

Download Hold’em Manager 2

General Performance Update:
We recently posted the results of some HM2 Performance Tests.  Performance was compared on several common tasks using several combinations of database size and computer specs.  You can see the results HERE.

Ram Reduction Update:
Based on your database and computer configuration, the latest build of HM2 dynamically caps the amount of memory HM2 uses.

There is no better time than now to start using HM2. Build Release Notes:

HM Apps

Leak Buster Limit – New HM App

Notecaddy Update


Home TAB

HM-6133 – Resolved isolated issue where HM Announcements was blank


HM-5949 - Start and End time in tournaments now showing correct values


Reports & Stats Grid

HM-5796 - Resolved issues with column headers and scroll-bars with scanner

HM-6098 - Some h/r stats have summary removed for reports they are not applicable to

HM-5670 - Resolved: Orange filter appearing in isolated scenarios

HM-5670 – Resolved hands/hr stat no longer shows $ dollar value

HM-6149 – Reports “Save as” now saves CSV or XLS correctly


Active Sessions

HM-5908 - Resolved: Active session vertical split dragging off screen



HM-6226 – Resolved hands per hour stat no longer show $ before the stat

HM-6268 – Resolved Issue with Poker Stars Tourneys showing wrong winnings in last beta



HM-6198 - Bwin Fast Forward now compatible with HM2

HM-6082 – FTP HUD detection now working on HU SNGs

HM-6071 – Stars 5050 $15 sngs now show correct speed

HM-5221 – Added Notification to explain a restart is needed after force on top is selected

HM-6249 – Resolved Crash when opening line analysis via the HUD right click option



HM-6183 – Resolved issue with busy cursor when restoring a database

HM-6182 – Resolved - Restore settings via DB Management chooses wrong active database

HM-6168 – DB Restore – Restoring settings using Skip Database option now working correctly (HM-5478)



HM-6136 – Filter > Omaha Hole Cards: Non Ace suited now correctly identifies all hands

HM-5821 – Resolved issue with clearing and re-applying the Vs Player Filter

HM-5507 – Tourney filter – buyin between x and y now works correctly





Hold'em Manager should be the only program at this time used by poker players that exclusively play cash tables.

- Bonus Genius