Support for HM1 Ends April 30th
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Support For HM1 Ends April 30th

Monday March 31st, 2014


What is end of HM1 support?

It means there will be no updates or technical support for HM1 after April 30th.

HM1 users will be able to log-in and use the software but functionality such as the HUD and hand importing will be significantly impacted when poker sites release updates and/or add new game types. While we cannot predict the timing of future poker site updates, their cumulative impact on core HM1 features mentioned will be significant.

HM1 FAQ’s will still be available on our website and additional details on the end of HM1 support can be found HERE.

Why is HM1 support ending?

There have been thousands of updates to HM1 since it’s release in 2006 and more than 100 new download links for HM1 have been provided in the almost 2.5 years since the release of HM2.  

This decision was necessary because it’s time to invest our resources toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue to advance our products.

The majority of active Hold'em Manager users have already upgraded to HM2, further emphasizing the importance of making it our primary focus.

Is there a discount available?

Yes, we are extending until April 30th a 40% HM2 upgrade discount and we will authorize a new HM2 one month free trial if yours has expired (click "Extend My HM2 Trial").

Upgrade HM2       extend-trial-01

An HM2 free trial DOES NOT extend the HM2 upgrade discount past April 30th.  You must act before May 1st!

We also offer several
Get It Free options that can be used when upgrading to HM2.

Will I lose my HM1 hand histories? 

You WILL NOT lose your HM1 hand histories.

HM2 has an automated tool to migrate hand histories, notes, player ratings, etc. from your HM1 database.  Cash game players and the vast majority of tournament players use this tool rather than manually uploading their hand histories into HM2.


What is new in HM2? 

HM2 was designed and written from the ground up.

Bulk hand import speeds that are 5-6x faster than HM1 help minimize the time required to upgrade

In addition to several new reports for both cash and tournament players, HM2 offers new categories of hand filters (ex: bet sizing and advanced action filters) and hundreds of new stats.

Completely new in the HM2 HUD are:

Read more about new new features in HM2 HERE.

If you have questions about HM2 and don’t find the answer in our HM2 FAQ database, our industry leading tech support team is available to assist and can be contacted via support@holdemmanager.com


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With respect to the HUD, we believe that Hold'em manager has the best one on the market.

- Learn2Holdem