HM1 Build Released (1.12.02 & .03b)
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HM1 Build Released (1.12.02 & .03b)

Tuesday September 20th, 2011


This HM1 poker software release is all about Table Scanner.  There are a couple issues the Table Scanner developer is working on and those will be release shortly with a 1.12.03c release.  New Party Poker rake changes are also expected in the next release.


1.12.02 Build Notes

- TableScanner uses new methods to get table data on Stars

- Table Scanner uses new methods to get table data on Stars

- Instascan stars player count filter fixed

- Fixed fold to 4Bet and other Stats

- Fixed 4Bet/5Bet range stats incorrect in HUD

- Fixed Raise 1st/Raise limpers stats incorrect in HUD



1.12.03b Build Notes

- Fixed "Close" button bug (TS)

- Fixed missing stacksize at PokerStars (TS)

- Fixed missing players at PokerStars (TS)

- Fixed Waitlist detection (TS)





Hold'em Manager blows away the current version of Pokertracker.

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