HM1 Build Released (1.12.01)
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HM1 Build Released (1.12.01)

Tuesday September 6, 2011


In our continued effort to support 1.0 while we put the finishing touches on HM 2.0, we released an updated 1.0 build.

PokerStars software had an update slightly changing the way they name tables that caused no HUD.  This is now fixed plus a few more updates.  Another big part of both poker software updates is support for a HUD on Cake.  Only session stats are allowed during live play.  If this policy changes we’ll update our support for the Cake network.  

1.0   Build Notes:

- Stars Ante table fix

- Table Scanner fix

- Fixed doh stats in HUD

- Cake HUD now functional


Table Scanner Developer is working on some new technology that should eliminate some build updates due to PokerStars updating their software. This will be released after final development and testing.

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