December HM2 Release
Poker Software

HM2 Released

Wednesday December 19th, 2012


Following the November release, HM2 is now available for download. 


Build Notes:

Fixed Pokerstars.eu,.es,.it hud not working
FTP Fix for several multi-entry tournaments non rush and rush - still work in progress
HM-5519 Fixed issue where river betsize stats don't add up to 100%
HM-6067 Table Scanner - Fixed PokerStars lobby not found on client side scanning
HM-2794 Fixed issue where Limit should use the blind rather than NL buyin structure
HM-6017 Fixed issue where stat re-appears on refresh when hidden
HM-5634 Added support for Goldwin.it - it now uses cake SW
HM-6055 Fixed positions of stats lost on restart after dragging them
HM-5172 Fixed last 5 10 20 hud stat mixing cash and tourney if playing both at same time
HM-3103 Fixed replayer HUD flash when hovering over HUD
HM-6074 Fixed FTP multi-entry wrong finish positions
HM-5423 Fixed Tournaments buyin filter
HM-5973 Fixed currency symbol lost on refresh
HM-6057 Fixed empty reports when switching between Cash/Tourney for smaller players
HM-6135 Fixed donk bet flop filter closing HM2 when selected
HM-5888 Fixed HM Sync not downloading files





With respect to the HUD, we believe that Hold'em manager has the best one on the market.

- Learn2Holdem