November HM2 Release
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HM2 Released

Tuesday November 27th, 2012


What’s new in the latest release for HM2?  Quite a bit!



Below are the rest of the build notes for this release:

Active Session
HM-5029 EV in Active Sessions is off in some sessions

Data Grid Upgrade to more lightweight grid
HM-5707 Reports: Time display is cut off

HM-5374 Table Scanner - PFR/VPIP dont work over autorate

HM-5805 Isolated crash on startup
HM-5783 Crash at startup with error: Failed to load type for module HMQLModule
HM-5584 Crash when opening hole cards grid or results graph in empty db
HM-5838 Corrupted user.config file causes crash with no log file
HM-5991 Sync download crashes with "System.InvalidOperationException"

Culture Issues
HM-5423 Tournaments filter shows stakes in current culture currency instead of game currency
HM-5003 HM2 loses culture settings on database change and reverts to US until restart when NC is enabled
HM-5750 Culture issue: filtering with decimal numbers doesnt work with decimal comma
HM-5269 Marked hands not shown in "regular" HM2 under RU culture

Database Manager
HM-5684 HM2 restore crash when no backup file specified and skip database option is clicked
HM-5530 Restore with "create new DB" option doesn't complete
HM-5448 Microgaming (Stan James) is not imported in HM2 when using import from HM1 method
HM-5595 Import from HM1 to HM2 misses hands [Merge]
HM-5594 Import from HM1 to HM2 misses hands [BOSS]
HM-5355 Restore to existing database broken w/ overwrite database option and NC Enabled Database
HM-4973 Database Manager> Restore > Skip Database> Start Restore is grayed out and cannot be clicked

HM Sync
HM-5709 Sync assembly error when sync'ing to new cloud db
HM-5689 Sync error - isn't saving password
HM-5807 HM Sync not downloading all hands to a new Database.

HM-5593 IPoker DoN import errors
HM-5514 Exported Everest Hands Causing Errors on Import
HM-4284 Purged HH can not be reimported
HM-5767 Merge Super-Turbo SNG names changed
HM-5764 Import issue: Merge, Boss and some other tournaments dont import properly
HM-5870 Run it twice support Pokerstars Parsing
HM-5717 Importing - Hands showing 9999 as the year for some Merge hands
HM-5669 PartyPoker Hyper Turbo SnG not showing correct results
HM-5475 Merge 6.0 hands do not import
HM-5930 WPT Party Skin Fast Forward hands are not imported
HM-5744 Cake rake off - now using the dealt method
HM-5658 Stars.fr - Turbo HU SNG imported as regular speed (9.4+0.6 euro)
HM-5520 IPoker (William Hill) Euro hands imported as Pound
HM-5492 Ipoker.it - PLO Hands importet as FL Omaha
HM-5827 Merge tourneys that are not reading buyins
HM-4991 Net winnings in freerolls = 0

HM-5259 Advanced Filters: Other - Effective Stack in BBs Broken Filters
HM-5836 Game Type filter bar inconsistencies
HM-5786 Custom Omaha Filter: Cannot filter hands with Ace as a low card with card groups filter Filters
HM-5782 Vs Player in Basic Filters should have bb (and BB?) options, in addition to $, for filtering by how much won/lost
HM-5553 Filters - Effective Stack in BBs is breaking Filter Result
HM-4998 Quick Filters - 3Bet Light IP Excludes hands / 3Bet Light OOP includes BTN hands
HM-5451 Hand Values: AND filter doesn't save
HM-5012 Advanced Filter: Players on Flop - Greater than/Less than does not work properly
HM-4999 Quick Filters - Cold Call Returns Only hands with 1 Raiser
HM-4714 Feature Request: Omaha Filters > Add Ability to Filter for Multiple Pair Hands At One Time
HM-4421 Feature Request: Double Click Applied filters to remove filters
HM-1539 Missing HM1 feature: vs player filter OR ability to add more stats to the vs player report

HM-5237 negative rakeback in tourney graph

HM-5714 Merge Hyper Turbo SNG results issues
HM-5813 Tournaments report - Crash when opening report graph with freerolls in database
HM-5931 Import issue: Merge tournaments dont show any hands/results
HM-5711 Ongame MTT wrong net winnings, size and tags
HM-5464 Party Poker - Satellite Winnings not Imported Correctly
HM-5278 Merge tourneys that are not reading buyins/winnings
HM-5636 MTT SNG wrong winnings and speed
HM-3528 PS SuperTurbo incorrect speed shown
HM-5256 Cake DoNs are not recorded properly when won Parsing, Reports, Stats Grid Issues, Tournaments
HM-5070 Pacific Omaha tourney recognized as Holdem
HM-5745 Merge SuperTurbo SNG - incorrect ROI and Winnings / hr
HM-4395 Winamax.fr EUR tourney imported as USD
HM-5846 Boss wrong Buyin on MTTs
HM-5699 Pokerstars: Knockout bounty not added to tournament winnings
HM-5621 Pokerstars Turbo Knockout SNG recorded as Regular
HM-4900 PartyPoker wrong winnings for first place on 6max
HM-5850 Rename "Net won/EV" stats used in tournament reports and restrict them to tournaments only

Party Poker and WPT Fast Forward Support
HM-5263 Add Support for iPoker Speed Poker
HM-5765 Ipoker Speed: when table is not full, HUD moves
HM-5753 Ipoker speed - HUD doesnt work after Ipoker client restart
HM-5715 Table Finder needed for Merge Hyper Turbo SNGs
HM-5196 Table Finder Needed for HUD to work on Some Merge Tournaments
HM-1706 Prima MTT - old stats after reseating
HM-5720 Live tracking does not work in Ipoker under RU culture
HM-5643 PKR - HUD is "Always on top" even if selection not activated
HM-5576 PKR HUD only works on 4 tables max
HM-5538 Hud Waiting for hands on non-poker windows
HM-5161 Pot Odds as % Not Working in Live Tracking
HM-5087 HUD Options double-click on scrollbar (arrows) have same effect as double-click the stat
HM-5285 Ladbrokes Poker 9-Seat Table are detected as 10-Seat Table
HM-1335 Preffered seating for Boss 5-man tables cant be set

HM-4975 Note Opens Again already Opened Player Note Window (Multiple Note Windows Can be Opened)
HM-5760 live HH viewer broken with RU culture

HM-5037 Log enhancement - save prior logs rather than deleting them
HM-5333 2+2 Converter: New Merge hands fail to convert
HM-5024 TwoPlusTwo (2+2) Hand History Converter: Add Zoom Support

HM-5015 Trying to move the bottom edge in the note caddy window up or over causes a crash

HM-5710 Saving a report from player analysis while overwriting causes a crash

HM-5724 Beta: Loading replayer generates many "Object reference not set ... " errors in log
HM-5673 Hand viewer: Ipoker Speed hand do not mentioned as Speed
HM-4311 Hand viewer shows wrong winner
HM-5747 Branded Partner Build Replayer Position Highlights Corrupt
HM-4183 replayer and hand viewer window position not saved‏
HM-5829 Handviewer does not work when more then two player all-in

HM-5740 deleting a hand or tournament removes current alias
HM-5657 Regional dd/mm/yyyy culture in windows shows incorrect format in Reports
HM-5577 Issues with Omaha hands with a Holdem License
HM-5839 Sessions by Day/Month reports - session length is not correct
HM-5766 Euro/hour wrong
HM-4842 Marking hands doesn’t list hands when “Show only marked hands” checkbox is checked
HM-4534 Change Standard Deviation / Std Dev back to default
HM-4079 Opening HM2 in Tournament Mode Shows Cash Reports
HM-5769 Don't allow tourney only stats to be added to cash, or vice versa
HM-4830 Add report for marked hands

HM-5450 Settings > General Settings > '[ ] Use graphical cards in hand view' does not work
HM-5330 Settings> Hands View Column> Double Clicking on Scrollbar moves a random column to Available Columns box
HM-4968 Changing tourney defaults not reflected till HM restarts
HM-4507 Feature: add setting to not start Scanner plugin DLL

HM-4970 Stat Request: Vllain Average Stack Size
HM-1689 Stat suggestion - Betting Volume
HM-5607 Missing starshyperturbo.cfg causes import errors
HM-5130 Stat Request: Reports > Stats > WinningsAndRake > 'RakeBack'
HM-5852 Stat added: Tournament Rakeback and Winnings with rakeback"
HM-5816 Stat Issue: BB Call vs SB doesnt show opportunity in brackets
HM-5737 HUD Stat Issue: Flop vs Bet OOP stats, limped pots count as Single Raised Pots
HM-5628 Stat Issue: 4bet range stats do not show (sample) in popup
HM-5613 Stat Issue: 5bet call range calculated incorrectly HUD&Report
HM-5911 Stat Issue: mismatch between Session Length and Time played
HM-5873 Create new stat for tournaments - Hours and minutes
HM-5851 Restrict "USD/EUR/GBP/SEK With Rakeback" stats from tournament section
HM-5841 Stat Issue: Currency stats naming inconsistencies
HM-5815 Report Stat Issue: "Middle vs Raiser + Caller PFR" shows as "MT - # Tables" in Stat list
HM-5551 HUD Stat request: Cbet-call turn, Cbet-call river
HM-3272 HUD Stat request: cbet ip/oop tot
HM-2436 Stat Request - HUD: Donkbet flop overall for raised and 3bet pots
HM-5743 Facing Action shows 2 raisers instead of Raiser + caller(s)
HM-5027 Graphed hands in Cash Results Graph shows no results until refresh

Table Scanner
Full Tilt Poker Support
HM-5652 Table Scanner - While Scanning Pokerstars , Lobby is taking focus from tables playing
HM-5209 Table Scanner - Scanner not working with Merge 6.0
HM-5151 Table Scanner - Fish/Reg/Friend-System not working
HM-5126 Table scanner - not detecting all tables on 888 ( Lucky Ace )
HM-4902 Table Scanner - player on table not updated to the next table
HM-6012 Table Scanner - Players on table area are empty Table Scanner
HM-5988 Table Scanner - shows message with 0 when I open TS tab.
HM-5876 Table Scanner - run into crash Table Scanner
HM-5732 Table Scanner - Green/Yellow etc use white font which makes it unreadable
HM-5659 Table Scanner - Players Known Figures Staying At Zero During Scan
HM-5653 Table Scanner - TableScanner scans at least twice before finish the scan
HM-5223 Table Scanner - Scanner is not working with Ongame Skin "Poker.gr"
HM-5132 Table Scanner - wrong icon when adding Player to Fishlist over HUD
HM-5105 Table Scanner - filter not works Table Scanner
HM-5104 Table Scanner - hidden columns are shown particular
HM-5686 Table Scanner - start / stop buttons not enabled/disabled correctly
HM-5526 Table Scanner - 888 Poker Tables Show As EEE Under Room Column
HM-5746 Table Scanner - support for gdpoker.it - ongame skin
HM-4801 Table Scanner - Score not displayed over the normal score-system





Hold'em Manager is an excellent product and an essential requirement for any serious poker player.

- PokerCalculatorReport