HM2 Released
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HM2 Released

Friday August 15th, 2014


HM2 poker software releases build 8175 with numerous updates. 

After the PokerStars update we reworked our Zoom technology along with adding initial support for Ipoker Speed tournaments.  NoteCaddy and Sit-N-Go Wizard got major updates too.  A few issues were resolved with new clients rolled out by Merge & PKR as well.  See below for all the release notes. 


Release Notes:

Featured Updates:
HM-8448 PokerStars Zoom - Resolved issue with HUD not working after PokerStars update
HM-8448 PokerStars Zoom - Resolved issue where HUD stopped working occasionally when running into some players
HM-8448 PokerStars Zoom - Resolved issue with HUD on Windows XP operating system
HM-8448 PokerStars Zoom - Improved compatibility with firewalls by disabling copying of dll files. Adding exceptions for blitz.dll and StarsCommunicator.hm2 in Program Files\HoldemManager2 folder should resolve the issue with most firewalls
HM-8448 PokerStars Zoom - Resolved HUD issue with player name detection for players with non-English characters
HM-8450 PKR - Resolved hand importing issue after PKR client update
HM-8446 Merge - HUD not working in tournaments after Merge client update
HM-7900 IPoker - Initial support for Speed tournaments
Notecaddy - Updated to v2.5.0.22
SNGWiz2 - Resolved issues with high CPU usage

HM-7610 Full Tilt - Upgraded parser to improve recognition of tournaments and cash game hand histories
HM-8444 Party Poker - Removed sitting out players from appearing in HUD and affecting filters

HM-8456 PokerStars - Resolved issue with importing tournament summaries
HM-8396 PokerStars - Corrected winnings for satellite tournaments after change in summary files
HM-7818 Party Poker - Updated buy-in and rake structure for SNGs

HM-7863 HUD stats - Updated vs Continuation bet stats in 3bet and Single Raised pots categories (expected % difference in value over big sample is under 1%)

Hand Viewer

HM-7884 Hand Viewer - Pacific - Added detection for posted dead blinds to cover due to the huge amount of different possible PC environments out there. We do recommend you use a new database as a precaution.

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