HM2 Released
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HM2 Released

Thursday May 8th, 2014


HM2 poker software releases build 8091 with more updates and features.  Some of the updates for this build include a new header and footer menu on the hand viewer along with an option to replay hands directly from the hand viewer.

Last week PokerStrategy published a webinar video with the creator of NoteCaddy.  Watch NoteCaddy Webinar.

Release Notes:

Hand Viewer
HM-8199 - Added new header and footer menu to hand viewer, cleaned up the function buttons and added open in replayer option.
HM-5918 - Correct issue with hand viewer copy to clipboard returning wrong order on Party Poker
HM-7621 - Export hand to forum now exports with correct order positioning on some isolated hands where it was previously incorrect
HM-8224 - Corrected issue with merge hands with players sitting out not showing correctly
HM-8178 - Corrected issue with Copy To Clipboard not working for Party Poker hands

HM-5865 - Corrected color style inconsistencies with Net Won/Net won chips stats

HM-6374 - Corrected logic issue when calculating pot odds that affected some isolated scenarios
HM-6743 - Corrected issue with username "This is a table" causing hands not to import

HM-6720 - Corrected incorrect tournament information being returned for Ipoker skins  
HM-6722 - Corrected issue where BB is not posted shows wrong stack sizes/winnings in big blinds
HM-6759 - Corrected issue on Party Poker where a points entry MTT shows a buyin of $215
HM-7369 - Improved Pacific tourney finish detection on some problem hands
HM-7629 - Corrected regular hands being incorrectly detected as speed hands

HM-6794 - Corrected logic issue with advanced filter saw street
HM-6896 - Corrected issue with final pot size filter returning wrong hands
HM-7171 - Corrected inconsistencies with hole card grid filters and normal report filters

HM-7852 - Corrected sort order issues with Tournament Winnings Summary big blind
HM-8169 - Corrected Tournament HUD Filters rounding of stack sizes which were not working as expected in some situations

HM-7881 - Corrected issue where FTP/Merge VPIP stats were showing for all sites
HM-8084 - Added some new auto import folders to auto detect logic for Merge
HM-8167 - Update dialog not forced on top when switching apps, this is now fixed so it doesn’t create any confusion
HM-8023 - Corrected issue with the HMQL API crashing when running some specific queries


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Hold'em Manager is an excellent product and an essential requirement for any serious poker player.

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