HM2 Released
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HM2 Released

Monday March 10th, 2014


HM2 poker software releases build 8004 with more updates and features.  Some of the updates for this build include improved preferred seating detection for PokerStars along with a big update for Pacific and auto rate icons in Table Scanner.

If you haven’t checked out the HM Blog lately, there are a few articles that might grab your attention.

Major Updates
HM-8017 - Improved Preferred Seat Detection for PokerStars.
HM-8002 - Corrected issue introduced in latest pacific update on some skins.
HM-5163 - Corrected issues with auto rate icons in Table Scanner.

HM-5789 - Corrected issue with Cake 9max MTT recognized as 10max in table manager
HM-6093 - Corrected Pacific Poker 6max table being recognized as full ring
HM-6986 - Corrected issue with microgaming hands that cause problem
HM-8026 - Corrected some issues with Pacific HUD and SNAP tables caused by a recent update
HM-7924 - Improvement: Auto detect new Merge HH folder location
HM-7816 - Corrected Pacific Poker issue where players waiting for blinds show as 'folded' preflop

HM- 962 - Corrected issue where HUD config on the table only drops down and not up
HM-7590 - Preferred seating for Boss greyed out
HM-6353 - Implemented Popup Designer modifications to deal with issues on modifications not resetting when creating a new popup
HM-6464 - Implemented feature to read auto center preferred seating from stars settings file
HM-7264 - Corrected issue that allowed HUD settings edit button to open multiple windows

HM-7570 - Corrected issues with F9 now working and F8 tagging the wrong hand
HM-7605 - Implemented ability to copy hand to clipboard in the desired format the user wants in the hotkeys

HM-7658 - Add alert for wrong site time adjustment
HM-4369 - Improvement: Update cash results graph after changing current player
HM-6438 - Corrected isolated exception when switching ribbon tabs while demo video is playing
HM-6126 - Update HUD line analysis when max hands are changed.

Table Scanner
HM-7781 - Corrected issue with Fish, regular and friend being incorrectly tagged in table scanner.
HM-7790 - Corrected theme issue with black text on dark grey backgrounds

SNG Wizard Update
Miscellaneous updates


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