HM2 Released
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HM2 Released

Tuesday August 27th, 2013


HM2 poker software releases a new build with plenty to cheer for.  Reorganization of Option Screens are new along with other new features and updates to current features.

Read about the new Option Screens Here.

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Major New Features
7265 – UI updates for HUD Options and Report Filters

HUD Options
7315 – New Seating Preference improvements
7167 – Updated HUD Settings tool tips
6973 – Updated HUD Filters so 0 can’t be used as a value for “include hands newer than”
7067 – Corrected exception in HUD Settings / Pots Great than X BB’s color picker
7095 – Added pad separator to HUD Settings
4615 – Added reset / default value button to HUD Filters
6514 – Corrected exception when selecting non-true type fonts in HUD Options
7288 – Corrected exception when changing the font size for HUD stats

7024 – Updated Vs Player filter where players with a pie symbol were being excluded
7059 – Updated report refresh where hands were not being returned
5616 – Added ability to search NoteCaddy stats in the Search Stats options
5007 – Updated Hand Heat Map “Expected Frequency” text
6173 – Corrected stat grid issue in reports where restoring to default reports wasn’t working properly
6587 – Updated moving multiple stats in the add stat dialog report only moving a single stat
6637 – Corrected issue where Adding $/hour to the session report was removing hands from the report
6650 – Corrected issue where non USD tourneys displayed incorrect currency format
7337 – Added a restart button to “Default Stats” button when editing report stats
5960 & 5961 – Corrected input string causing a crash in Board Texture Filters and AnalysisView.SetReportView
7362 – Updated Report Basic Filters colors in Windows 8

Site Specific
7332 – Corrected re-entry tournament issue on FTP with hud not showing
7394 – Correct issue with tournaments on FTP not updating after a table change
5893 – Updated Merge buyins for non standard tournaments - Beta
6371 – Updated Microgaming HUD on MTT’s not displaying
6575 – Corrected $1-180man Hyper Turbo’s reporting the wrong speed for PokerStars
6855 – Corrected no HUD on Party HU FF tables
6995 – Corrected some barrier.fr hands causing exceptions
7000 – Updated Tournament Summary popup for WPN
7214 – Updated TableScanner not recognizing speed tables on iPoker

Database Management – Hand Importing
7254 – Upgraded Poker Stars parsing using new code
5900 – Corrected import error link being removed
5702 – Updated automatic archiving
5604 – Added check to make sure auto import folders are not set to be archive folders
6066 – Added ability to save import errors with a single click
6735 – Corrected exception when clicking postgres tips
7266 – Added warning label when creating a new DB with invalid characters; also added a tool tip here.

4422 – Corrected issues with WPT not launching using the app launcher
3071 – Corrected Advisory Message not spanning the width of the app
6560 – Corrected issue with app launcher launching some sites
6355 – HMTV Widget – pause button no longer starts from the beginning
6653 – Remove unused rating icon from coaching widget
6741 – Add option for cash results widget for 1 week
7253 – Correct lock poker app launcher issue
7255 – Corrected refresh issue with cash results widget when playing live

4909 – Updated streaming notes in replayer so a replayer restart is not required
6459 – Corrected random exception when ribbon is updated
7234 – Update grammar for Auto Rate Rules in various places inside HM2
7251 – Removed excess tournament logging for Active Sessions
6240 – Updated replayer opening multiple windows when using caddy report and standard hand view. Only one replayer window will open now.
7318 – Corrected random exception when using TableScanner
7355 – Updated HMTV’s loading splash screen text

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