HM2 Released
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HM2 Released

Wednesday July 31st, 2013


HM2 poker software’s August release adds new features and builds upon existing features.  Rush and Zoom support is updated after the poker site updates.     

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Release Notes:

New Feature:
6327 - Added ability to temporarily disable entries in the Auto Import Folders list.

7073 - Corrected issue where Tournament Winnings Graph was not matching other reports.

Replayer & HUD:
Corrected Full Tilt Rush issues where HUD would not work if you loaded in a specific order.
Corrected Pokerstars Zoom HUD not functioning due to a recent Poker Stars update.
Improved the mechanism used for Full Tilt Rush after the recent Full Tilt Poker client update.
6617 - Add warning after purging hands to restart HM2
5013 - Updated replayer stack size information at the end of the hand for all-in pots when part of the bet wasn't called.

Site Specific:
6790 - Full Tilt Poker: Updated HUD for Cash tables with Two Letter names and improved HUD table detection for various tournaments.
6757 - Full Tilt Poker: Updated rake in Super-Turbo SNG.
6363 - Full Tilt Poker: Improved detection of winnings and buy-ins for Guarantee MTTs.
6346 - PokerStars: Updated tournament payout structure for Super Satellites.

General UI Updates:
7204 - Hide Database Manager functions that are only available for active databases when you select non-active databases.
7119 - Corrected some minor Database Manager Restore tab UI Issues.
7013 - Backup can now also save your NoteCaddy definitions.
6926 - Moved Tourney Defaults menu from Settings to Hand Importing dialog.
5083 - Restored notes are now attached to existing notes in database.
7100 - Resolved issues when posting hands via Twitter.

Table Scanner:
7238: Corrected Ongame Scanner access bridge error & added ability to scan Strobe
7220: Full Tilt Poker - Close button not working
7234: Scanner related fix for: Settings > Auto Rate Rules
7211: Player/Table colors - Text not visible with default light backgrounds
7243: color profile pulldown menu not readable - bad colors

Issues fixed that were only in beta
Corrected issue with Assembly Validation error on loading of HM2 which appeared during beta
HM-7312 - Corrected: Disabling autoimport entries stops import for all folders below in list

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