HM2 Released
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HM2 Released

Friday July 12th, 2013


HM2 poker software’s July release has a FTP Rush update increasing performance and removing players HUD that have folded.  This is planned to be an optional feature in an upcoming release. 

The Active Session Tab has a slightly new look with updated formatting now too.

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Release Notes:

New Features:
Improved the mechanism used for Full Tilt Rush, should notice improvements in speed and reliability and added a new feature for Rush Only where players that fold now have their HUD removed from the table. After taking feedback into consideration were looking at making this optional in the future.

NoteCaddy Updated to v2.4.11.2

4944, 1785 – Added stat requests. Call 3Bet Range by Position and Fold/call/4bet vs resteal for CO/BTN.
6535 – Corrected 4Bet Range totals being different in various reports.
6744 – Updated Full Tilt Rush Hero related HUD options.
5568 – Updated postflop position filter for heads up games.

Replayer & HUD:
6718 – Corrected missing auto rate icons.
4071 – Added replayer option to hide hero hole cards.
6559 – Corrected issue where HM2 became unresponsive when clicking HUD Options, then Cancel.
7106 – Updated HUD Settings window to display icon in the taskbar.

Site Specific:
6925 – Updated winnings for FTP super turbo tourneys.
6208 – Updated EV line on FTP tourneys. Hyper turbo and Turbo HU EV line was affected.

General UI Updates:
7102 – Updated Active Session summary tab with new formatting.
6303 – Updated non-English culture PC’s to accurately filter Tournament No(s).
6699 – Updated Tourney Stack Size (In Chips) filter bringing back incorrect hands.
6947 – Updated current player detection after a restore is completed with no hand histories.
6427 – Added hand marking icon to hand view columns
4201 – Updated importing notes from HM1 to include note icons.
6723 - Corrected update issue where it can`t find installation path in Vista x64.
Corrected formatting issues with text overlap in active sessions.
Corrected Wrong HUD and switching HUDs issues on full rings tables
Triceratops Tourney HUD now shows the HUD


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