HM2 Released
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HM2 Released

Wednesday June 5th, 2013


HM2 poker software releases a mammoth update for June including full support for all sites on the Winning Poker Network.  The Programming team was also hard at working adding new stats. 

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HM2 Build Notes: 

Major Updates:

HM 6837 – Updated FTP parsing to work with new FTP client.

HM 6819 – Added support for Winning Poker Network HUD, Replayer and Hand Viewer.


New Stats:

HM 5639 – Added the following stats:

Flop Raise Fold IP
Flop Raise Call IP
Flop Raise Raise IP

Flop Check-Raise Fold OOP
Flop Check-Raise Call OOP
Flop Check-Raise Raise OOP

Flop Raise Fold TOT
Flop Raise Call TOT
Flop Raise Raise TOT


HM 5008 – Added the following stats:

BTN Fold to CO Steal
BTN Call CO Steal
BTN Resteal vs CO
BTN Defend vs CO Steal


HM 4927 – Added the following stats:

Bet River After Flop Bet and Turn Check

Check River After Flop Bet and Turn Check


Other Stat Updates:

HM 5295 – Corrected Luck Adjusted Winnings on certain PokerStars Hyper Turbo STT’s.

HM 6078 – Changed default stat in reports from $ EV to USD $ EV.

HM 6150 – Added seen flop, turn, river overall to report stats.

HM 6540 – Corrected calculation issue with tourney buy-in and tourney total buy-in stats.

HM 6362, HM 6415 – Corrected winnings/hour (Tournament Stat).

HM 6551 – Agg% stats - Removed All-in hands as opportunities

HM 6578 – Fixed opportunity display in popups for Skip Flop CB and Check-Raise 3Bet Pot OOP stat 

HM 6620 – Fixed opportunity display in popups for Turn CBet-Fold IP 3Bet Pot.

HM 5404 – Fixed minraise stats calculations for some cultures that use specific format (eg. German, Slovenian)


Site Specific:

HM 4331 – Updated Live Tracking support for Ongame.

HM 6800 – Updated Winning Poker Network parsing issue on specific hands.



Report & Filter Updates:

HM 6223 – Corrected issue when saving reports in .html caused some line formatting issues.

HM 6262 – Corrected exported reports having incorrect currency symbols.

HM 6282 – Corrected currency symbols with regional settings in reports.

HM 6804 – Corrected issue where Turn Backdoor Flush Draw filter wasn’t showing any hands.

HM 6415 – Corrected an issue with a corrupted HH displaying incorrect filter data.

HM 6341 – Corrected crash when opening hole cards grid while report is loading.

HM 6721 – Corrected issue when using OR filters for flushes on top of flushes.

HM 6748 – Corrected issue when exporting a report not showing custom sorting.

HM 6527 – Corrected issue where Report stat columns would change when adjusting windows regional settings.



HM 6697 – Corrected issue where customer HUD’s wouldn’t work in the Replayer.

HM 6718 – Corrected issue with missing Auto Rate icons.

HM 6830 – Corrected a crash when opening the Replayer with a specific hand.

HM 6792 – Corrected Replayer settings not immediately being applied.


Installer Updates:

HM 6292 – Added support for small stakes HM2 (Swedish Krona).

HM 6591 – PostgreSQL installer is now saved after its auto downloaded for future use. 

HM 6809 – Corrected issue where HM2 couldn’t find PostgreSQL 32bit keys when user had 32bit PostgreSQL installed on a 64 bit machine.


General UI Updates:

HM 5111 – Corrected small issue where a couple popup designer UI elements would move when resizing the window.

HM 6231 – Corrected text overlapping in More Filters > Filter by Bet Size.

HM 6301 – Reworked opting in and out of beta updates screen.

HM 6549 – Increased performance when initially loading a note.

HM 5295 – Corrected Copy Hands with Stats combining Holdem and Omaha stats.

HM 6901 – Updated the send feedback dialog box.

HM 6951 – Updated HM2 icon for higher DPI settings.

HM 6492 – Corrected text overlap issue in Settings > Feature Logging.

HM 5415 – Added more support for backing up and restoring Rakeback and Bonuses.

HM 6579 – Corrected issue with restoring a small DB and auto restarting after deleting a big DB.

HM 6612 – Added support for alias’s when purging hands.


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