HM2 Released
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HM2.0.0.7742 Released

Friday May 3rd, 2013


Today’s HM2 release includes hand history import for Winning Poker Network.  HUD support for Winning Poker should follow in the next HM2 Poker Software release.

Don’t forget, HM Cloud went into Alpha a couple weeks ago and the reviews so far have been extremely positive.  Read more and sign up for HM Cloud HERE.


HM2 Build Notes:

HM-5275 Corrected issue with Ipoker and Cake Full Ring Hands missing 1 player's HUD in replayer.
HM-4993 Corrected issue with replayer HUD not reappearing after clicking Show HUD Stats.
HM-6742 Corrected replayer: Bet sizes overlapping dealer button.

HM-6739 Corrected culture issue with tournament winnings.

HM-1371 Added Winning Poker Network (Yatahay) Parsing Support. (No HUD Support yet)
HM-6704 Corrected issue with Barriere.fr Vs Steal Stats.

HM-6696 Corrected Settings to add missing help link.

Database Management
HM-6689 Corrected issue with Restore > Create new database (from configs only backup) where it did not restore Player/Hand Notes.
HM-6525 Added option to backup/restore [x] Hand Markings.
HM-5549 Prevent DB Manager to be closed during backup.

Corrected issue with FTP Rush where HUD was not showing on 2 tables on the classic theme
HM-6675 Added Barrierepoker.fr - Replayer, Handviewer and HUD support.
HM-6307 Corrected issue with PokerStars new tables taking focus.
HM-6236 Corrected - Zoom - HUD moving when the table is not full.
HM-6044 Corrected Party Fast Forward - HUD moving when the table is not full.
HM-5765 Corrected Ipoker Speed - HUD moving when the table is not full.
HM-5288 Corrected issue with Party 6max cash game HUD positions when not using a preferred seating preference.

HM-6510 Corrected Graphs HUD not working consistently with some culture settings.

HM-6364 Corrected issue with restoring combined filter Hand Value and Filter By Action.
HM-6165 Corrected Hand value filter bug - No straight draw and no flush draw filters + air included paired hands.
HM-6142 Corrected Filter issue with Board Texture.
HM-6127 Corrected Filter issue with Last to act on Turn.
HM-6105 Corrected Filter issue with Last to act on X" issue with all-in hands.


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