HM2 Released
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HM2 Released

Saturday March 2nd, 2013


Today’s HM2 poker software release adds new FTP and Merge point stats while removing the bulky PostgreSQL installer from the full setup file.  The rest of the build notes can be found below:


Release Notes for

New Features:
HM-6368 Postgres is removed from full setup file – Postgres is now downloaded if needed.
HM-6361 Added sample size in popups for Call vs Hero stats.
HM-6408 Added note icon to all HUDs by default
HM-6271 Added FTP points as a stat
HM-6473 Added Merge points as a stat

Leakbuster Update - Corrected stake issue and also tiling issues
Leakbuster Limit updates
NoteCaddy update
NoteCaddy – Corrected NC stat issue when > 0 precision is selected

Poker Site:
HM-6325 Corrected Party Poker rake for $108 SNG
HM-6254 Corrected Party Poker rake and winnings on $1 DoNs
HM-6248 Corrected Party Poker missing rebuys
HM-6233 Corrected Party Poker HU SNG not showing winnings
HM-6207 Corrected Party Poker Rake and winnings $54 6max SnG
HM-6206 Corrected Party Poker Rake $33 6max HyperTurbo SnG
HM-6154 Corrected Full Tilt Poker - Archiving unsupported game type hand histories

HM-4174 Corrected Taking a General Hand Note in the Hand Viewer overwriting a note taken in the Replayer
HM-4110 Corrected Replayer issue with Winning/Losing Hand color boxes

HUD & Stats:
HM-6099 Corrected problem with Cake HU Table not showing the HUD
HM-6410 Corrected new default main popup: wrong vsSteal stat was used
HM-6209 Corrected Notes Icons disappearing
HM-5903 Corrected "Total Hands" HUD Stat now uses comma for 1,000 hands or more
HM-5889 Corrected Line Taken stat - Too many commas with live tracking on
HM-5660 Corrected issue where notes were closing when moved into the note window
HM-6349 Corrected Overhang pixels not saving when negative number is used
HM-6482 Corrected Issue with popup background color affecting tourney stack popup background
HM-6528 Corrected exception with hudfuncsapp.exe error when closing or resizing tables in beta version

HM-6379 Corrected issue with Hands View Columns: WinnerName, WinnerCards, WinnerWon, WinnerWonInBB not sorting properly
HM-6294 Corrected entering hour w/o minutes in custom date filter causing a crash
HM-6128 Corrected Tournament Stakes filter: different currency tournaments show under same currency


HM-6400 Corrected issue with backup using Postgres 9.2
HM-6297 Added check to Auto Updater making sure HM2 is already installed before continuing.
HM-4443 Corrected Auto updater downloading again when user restarts HM2
HM-2119 Corrected HM2 not recognizing Postgres 9.1 install during setup
HM-6359 Refactored Postgres tuning so it works on all version of Postgres
HM-5025 Correct crash when running HM2 installer but only installing Postgres
HM-6495/HM-6496 Corrected issue with cancel button not working when disconnected during HM2 update
HM-6565 Added automatic retry when running auto update with HM2 still open
Added a check to updater for FullTiltPokerEU.exe

HM-6288 Corrected auto scan not completing scan before scanning all over
HM-6423 Corrected issue where not all players show when scanning active filter
HM-6434 Corrected new Microgaming lobby only scanning once
HM-6452 Corrected exception when clicking reset in edit columns section
HM-6434 Corrected issue where new Microgaming/Prima lobby only scans once.
HM-6532 Betfair is not working with Table Scanner since it moved to Ipoker
HM-6568 Corrected flickering when scanning multiple stakes at PartyPoker
HM-5020 Corrected last layout not saving
Corrected issue where "Scanner works fine on first scan, but subsequent scans fail"
Corrected double click to join table option
Corrected column order grids

HM-6038 Corrected viewing import errors for Microgaming causing a crash.
HM-6409 Corrected foreign key constraint error for players with notes but no hands
HM-6443 Corrected crash in the Active Session Tab
HM-5950 - Active Session - Corrected marked hand filter returning only 1 hand
Removed Ipoker speed logging as default
Corrected 18-man tournament tag
HM-5992 Corrected issue where getting XP system properties would give errors
HM-6548 Corrected restart error after restore on some PC’s
HM-6417 Corrected issue when config files wouldn’t load properly







With respect to the HUD, we believe that Hold'em manager has the best one on the market.

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