HM2 Released
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HM2 Released

Thursday January 24th, 2013


HM2 poker software now includes multiple new features since the first of the year.  New Popup designs arrived a couple weeks ago and now we’re excited to announce the following new features for all HM2 users:


Next Release:
Table Scanner is scheduled for release within the next HM2 release cycle.


Release Notes

HM-5910 Active session progress bar now works correctly
HM-5748 Line Analysis game-type filter expanded to separate fast games
HM-6113 Opponents > Player Analysis now filters out fixed limit hands

HM-5916 Caching Issue switching between databases solved
HM-6169 DB Restore prompt added to ensure settings are correctly refreshed
HM-6308 Restore Notes from backup when using skip DB now functions correctly

HM-6034 Feature Request: Added Positions to tourney stack popup to replicate popular HM1 popup
HM-5127 Resolved issue with cyborg notes not pasting when clicking on them

HM-1478 Feature Request: New Omaha report to replicate the HM1 Omaha report
HM-4375 Feature Request: Added winner name, winnercards, winner won and winner won in bb's in hands grid. Go to settings > Default Column view to add them
HM-5647 Feature Request: Icon added to show marked hands
HM-4920 Feature Request: Added 3bet and 4bet is AA % stat
HM-6124 Corrected Tournament Stack Size position field description for huge stacks
HM-6110 Right Click > Select all in top grid now functioning correctly
HM-6263 Resolved a date issue when exporting reports from HM2
HM-6299 Right Click, filter all reports to this session is now functioning correctly
HM-6298 Duplicate of FAQ link no longer appears when switching between cash and tournaments

HM-4110 Replayer winning/losing hand color boxes improved to avoid wrong colors in isolated scenarios

HM-6269 Re-Applied option to not remind me until next update when getting an update prompt
HM-6283 Added a check to avoid people installing update when they haven’t ran the full setup first or are missing critical files







Hold'em Manager blows away the current version of Pokertracker.

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