Holdem Manager Now Displays Opponent Stat On
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Hold'em Manager First With Rush Poker Update

Now Displays Opponent Stats On "Rush Poker" Tables

On January 24, 2010, Hold'em Manager continued the trend as the leading innovator in poker analytics software by being the first to release an update to allow you to view opponent stats while playing on the new "Rush Poker" tables at Full Tilt.

Rush Poker is the wildly popular new format where you are immediately moved to a new table after every fold.  As a result of around the clock efforts over the last few days, this update to Hold'em Manager is now available to download.  Additional features and functionality surrounding Rush Poker on Full Tilt will be announced in the upcoming week..

The latest version of Hold'em Manager includes a free and 100% fully featured 15-day trial.

Hold'em Manager is a must have tool for the serious online player!

- Red Bull and Poker Blog